20 Best Summer Jobs For College Students

Are you looking for the Best Summer Jobs For College Students? If yes, then you are in the right place.

Finding a job as a college student and that too for a few months is pretty hard but don’t worry, my article will surely help you to find one.

Now the question arises that what is the benefit of doing jobs in the time of summer holidays instead of taking rest and enjoying it.

Probably you want some cash to enjoy your summer holidays, or you might want to do the job in summer to do an internship which will help you to get some experience for a job, and, this also allows you to apply your academic knowledge in real life.

According to me, it’s a great idea to do summer jobs for an internship because nowadays companies want to hire someone who can apply things in real life and they want an experience too, and by doing the job in summer, you can get a massive boost for the job.

I bought a list of 20 Best summer jobs for college students for you, and I tried my best to include only those jobs which are friendly for college students.

Keep in mind to do the jobs which can give you benefit in the future like while applying for jobs and also try to avoid the jobs which you don’t like because it will make you bored and I believe that no one wants to get bored in summer holidays.

20 Best summer jobs for college students

1: Freelance Writer

Freelance Writing is one of the most flexible jobs in our list, and you can try this job in summer too.

Becomw a Freelance writer
Become a Freelance writer

In this job, you have to write an article for your clients, and in return, you will get paid.

You can try this job if you have good writing skills and if you have strong English and Grammar.

There are so many brands, and site which can’t give time in content writing, so they outsource it. You can approach these brands for a job.

The best way to get in this field is to join freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. There are so many clients in these freelancing platforms who are looking to outsource content.

Now you might be thinking about payment then don’t worry.

I also worked as a freelance content writer and trust me; the payment is really fantastic. Overall it’s a high paying job but yes to get high payment, you have to be a skilled and experienced content writer.

I will recommend you to make a portfolio website because a portfolio allows you to show your past works in an attractive way and it really attracts the client.

In this job, you can give time according to yourself, and you can work from anywhere you want. Isn’t this job summer friendly?

2: Lifeguard

While mentioning best summer jobs for college students, it’s almost impossible for me to neglect the job of Lifeguard.

A lifeguard is 100% suitable job for summer, and it is one of the best jobs for summer times.

Become a Lifeguard
Become a Lifeguard

In this job, you have to protect people from sinking in the beaches.

If you are a very good swimmer and if you love staying out and enjoying in beaches then this job is perfect for you at the time of summer.

Just imagine, swimming at the beach on a sunny day and earning money for just ensuring that everyone is safe. Isn’t it mind-blowing?

According to me, its much better than staying in front of a monitor and doing work by sitting, how boring it sounds at least at the time of summer.

On average, you can earn $9.31 per hour, which is a pretty good income, considering the enjoyment of this job.

Wait in case you are dreaming that it’s sweet. For this job,  you have to do a lifeguard and water training course which costs around 200$ to 500$, and it usually takes 3 days.

Such investment is very big for a college student, so think 100 times before doing this job.

I will recommend you to do extensive research before making any decision and after research, if you feel satisfied, then you can start this job and try to consider your parents advise too before doing anything in a hurry.

3: Graphic Designer

If you really love playing with photoshop, then this job of graphic designing is made for you, and you can earn a very good amount with this job in the time of summer vacation.

Become Graphic Designer
Become Graphic Designer

In this job, you have to design logo, social media banners, and business cards using professional software like photoshop.

Basically, you are creating a thing which is essential for branding for any small to big level brands. So the pay in this job in very good.

You can earn  $25-$50 from this job, but it totally depends on the level of your clients, your skill and experience.

If you don’t know anything about software like photoshop and still willing to do this job, then you can try udemy courses which are very cheap or you can learn it at free from youtube.

This job allows you to work from anywhere you feel comfortable, and you can give time according to your schedule, but for that, you have to be a freelance graphic designer.

I prefer Fiverr and upwork, which is a freelancing platform for this job because it gives a good amount with good flexibility.

You can also work for big companies as a graphic designer. You can approach big brands like google for this job.

This job is a door of all opportunities if you have a real passion for graphics designing then trust me. This is the best job for you.

4: Web Developer

In the job of the web developer, you have to make websites for your clients.

To be honest, this is a pretty hard job. You have to learn HTML and CSS for front end and other coding languages for backend stuff but don’t worry; this is not rocket science. Anyone could learn it.

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If you want to learn web development, then there are so many good courses on udemy, which is very cheap and you can also learn it on youtube for free.

This job requires an effort, but earning in this job is very high. Overall, you get the best for your efforts. You can earn $20-$75 per hour in this job.

Become Web Developer
Become Web Developer

If you don’t want to learn to code, then you can also master yourself in WordPress. With the help of WordPress, You can create a beautiful looking site without codes but yes if you want to work for company level clients or very big clients, then you should know to code.

Best Cheap Web Hosting for 2019

If you already learned Web development, then just imagine how much you can earn with this job in the time of summer with nourishing your web development skills.

You can get work from freelancing platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr.

I personally recommend Upwork because it gives professional level earning, but you have to be a professional and skilled web developer for that.

5: Proofreading

If you have strong English and Grammar, then proofreading is one of the best jobs in summer for you.

Become a Proofreader
Become a Proofreader

In this job, you have to correct grammatical, punctuation and spelling mistakes of an article before it gets published and for that, you need good English.

If you really want to do this job and if you have bad English then you can learn it by practicing, consuming English contents and by learning Grammar. So yeah it’s not rocket science.

You can earn $10-$45 per hour with this job, but it depends on the level of the client. If its a brand, then you will earn a very good amount as compared to any medium level websites.

Proofreading is one of the most flexible jobs in our entire list of Best summer jobs for college students.

You can easily do this job from anywhere you feel comfortable like your home or hotels, and you can work according to your own timing. So we can say that its a very suitable job for summer times due to its high flexibility.

I recommend freelancing platforms like Freelancer and Upwork for this job. These online platforms offer high flexibility with good earning, and you also don’t need to go daily in the office.

If you are really serious about this job and thinking to do it for more then summer earnings, then you can join a big company.

They will give you the work of proofreading to avoid the grammatical mistakes in the article for their professional website.

6: Online Tutor

If you love teaching and explaining things, then this is the job for you.

In this job, you can teach academics related stuff to the students.

Become a Online Tutor
Become a Online Tutor

I know that you are still a college student, but you can teach to students of lower classes.

If you are not good at academics then don’t worry, There are a lot of things other then academic knowledge.

You can also teach them things in which you have passion and interest. Like you can teach digital marketing, programming, graphic designing, and many more.

Online platforms for teaching are growing rapidly, and in future, they might outrank the offline methods so yeah this job is completely future proof.

You can earn a very good amount from this job, but it depends on the stuff which you are teaching and your skill and passion.

This job is perfect for summer vacations. Just imagine, Teaching the thing in which you have massive interest from your lovely home. How cool is it? You can also work at any time you like.

If you really want to do this job seriously, then I will recommend you to teach in an engaging and interactive way because no one likes old and boring mentors. You have to be cool and understanding. Always try to become the best mentor.

If you want to get this job, then I will recommend you to join Tutor.com. It’s one of the best platforms for this job.

If you want to take a course, then you can try Udemy, which is one of the best platforms for the online course and anyone can upload a course on it.

7: Transcriptionist

If you are looking for a professional job that doesn’t require any experience and specialized skills, then you can consider this job.

In this job, you have to convert audio files into text, Sounds pretty easy, right? But in reality, it’s not.

Become a Transcriptionist
Become a Transcriptionist

In this job, you really need high accuracy while converting an audio file into text, and for that, you need very high concentration. So it is recommended to do this job in a quiet place.

You also need a very good typing speed of 60-70 WPM with 98% accuracy.

A good typing speed will really give you benefit in this job because the faster you type, the more you will earn.

You can easily learn to type from platforms like Ratatype, which is my personal favorite platform to learn to type.

This job highly requires strong English and Grammar, so before starting, make sure that you have good knowledge of English.

You have to do some initial investment in this job. You have to buy a foot pedal which helps you to forward and rewind the video with your feet.

You also need a good headphone to listen to difficult conversation clearly and an ergonomic keyword so that your wrist and arm won’t pain after a long hour of typing.

You can do this as a part-time job, or you can also do this job in summer times to earn money.

You can make a good carrier in this job. So if you really like this job then choosing it as a full-time job is not a wrong decision.

You can easily earn 15-25$ per hour from this job. You can try platforms like TranscribeMe, which pays 20$ per audio.

8: Internship

The internship is the most valuable thing that you can do at the time of summer holidays.

In an internship, you have to offer your services like web development, graphics designing, data management, and many more to companies, and in return, you will get real-world experience.

Internship Job
Internship Job

Yes, you heard right that in return you will get real-world experience. In an internship, you get little or no money at all.

So if there is no money in an internship, then why should you do that?

In academics, you just learned the things, but you never applied it in the real world cases.

Every company wants some extra skills from their employees, and nowadays they want real-world work experience from their employees because if you don’t know how to use the things practically which you have learned in academics then its a big setback for them.

If you have done an internship, then it will surely put very good weight on your resume, and it will surely impress the company for which you want to work.

I know that you will get no money or very less money, but that doesn’t matter at all because while doing an internship, your primary motive should be learning and getting real-world experiences.

It will really make your future secure at the time when there is a huge competition for the job, and it will make you way ahead in the race of the job.

What could be the best time than summer to do this work? You are free; let’s turn this summer into hustle for the future.

At the end of your internship, you will get a very sweet gift that is going to be the certificate, which will show that you have done an internship for any XYZ brand.

You can ask your college for an internship, or you can approach brands. You can also try for big brands like Facebook and Google, but there is very less chance that you will get but it worth trying.

9: Website Testing

If you are looking for the easiest job to earn a few bucks in summer, then have a look at this job.

In this job, you have to test websites and share your experience while testing the website.

Website Testing
Website Testing

To test websites, you just have to open them and run it. After that, you have to tell whether the site is functional or not and some issues that you are facing while running the website. Isn’t it easy?

UserTesting is the best platform for this job. In this platform, you have to test websites while recording your screen and speak your experience loudly.

They want you to record the screen because they don’t want someone to provide any experience without testing a website.

Usertesting offers 10$ per website testing of 20min, which is a quite impressive amount for such an easy job.

This job is good for part-time money but never expect too much from this job.

10: Bartender

There are so many who must have gone to the bar at least once but whats about doing the job there as Bartender to earn money.

It’s a very good idea if you want to earn a good amount. According to Payscale, a bartender earns $17.60 per hour, which is a very good amount but wait for the wage in the job is very low then how someone can earn such a good amount.

Bartender Job
Bartender Job

Basically, the Bartender earns most of his/her money from tips and trust me; it’s going to be your primary source of earning at this job. So if you want to, more, then you have to be a good bartender for that.

A good bartender can easily earn 100$ to 200$ from a shift.

It’s a pretty good job for a college student since it doesn’t require any specialized skills. You just have to be above 18. It’s a good idea to do this job in the summer to earn money.

In this job, you will learn about managing things efficiently in a rush. The bartender doesn’t mean only mixing drinks and serving it; you have to manage stocks, deal with customers, and payment. This job also requires a nice pace.

You have to join a bartending school in which you will learn about mixing drinks properly.

You can find this job online, or you can approach the manager of a local bar for this job.

They will take your interview in which make sure to dress properly because it really matters in this job and you also need a bold personality for this job.

11: Tour Guide

If you love visiting different places and guiding others about them, then probably this is the best job for you as a college student.

In this job, you have to guide a group of people and take them to the most important places in that city so that they can roam that place and can enjoy their tour.

Tour Guide Job
Tour Guide Job

You need good knowledge about that place in which you want to guide peoples so that you can tell them information about that place precisely. This is the most important part of this job since tourist are eager to know about the place, they are visiting,

You have to be very interactive with people. It’s not at all easy; you have to make a list of peoples and the places where you have to go. Basically, you need very good management for this job.

If you are a person, who knows completely about his/her city and loves to roam here and there then this job is suitable for you.

You have to guide people in such a way that they get every shit out of that place, which they are visiting.

This is a very good job for college students in the summertime because while guiding, you can enjoy a lot with tourists and especially if you love visiting different places.

According to payscale, the average salary of a tour guide is $12.74 per hour, which is a very good amount.

Keep in mind that this job requires a lot of physical work because you have to visit so many places. So never make the mistake of considering this job as a piece of cake. It sounds easy, but in reality, it’s not.

12: Resume Writing

Resume writing is a headache for so many people because they don’t know how to present their skills properly.

You can use this as an opportunity to write a resume for them, and in return, you can easily charge 50-75$ per resume, which is a great amount.

Resume Writing Job
Resume Writing Job

If you want to do this work, then make sure that you have good writing skill and you know how to write a proper resume because no one is going to pay for shit.

You also need good English for this job to write a resume and then to proofread it.

I know that it’s quite difficult for you to write a resume first time since you are a college student and never experienced it.

You can learn proper resume writing from online resources, and there are some good books available for resume writing.

You can start this work by approaching someone you know or your friend who needs a resume.

Once you get some experience, you can try your hands on freelancing platforms like Freelancing and Upwork.

This job is completely suitable for summer because of its flexibility. You can work from anywhere you want and according to your own time.

13: Travel Blogger

If you really love traveling different places, then this work of Travel blogging is entirely made for you.

In this work, you have to travel to different places and share your experience by writing articles.

Travel Blogger Job
Travel Blogger Job

You have to post some beautiful and important photos of that area. This work is really heaven for any travel enthusiast.

You can take sponsorship to get free hotels and service, and in return, you have to promote the brand, and every travel blogger should find sponsors for the long run.

Being a college student, you can go to some places in the summer holiday and share your whole experience.

For travel blogging, you have to set up a website which requires hosting and a domain name, and it will cost you around 500-100$ depending on which hosting you choose. It’s completely worth it if you are willing to make a carrier in this field.

If you just want to earn some money with this work, then you can do freelance travel blogging in which you have to work for other big sites related to travel blogging.

If you want to do the work of freelance travel blogging, then I personally prefer upwork because you will really get professional level money for this work.

You can also do this work on youtube by making videos of the places you are visiting, people who want to visit that place or willing to know about that place will surely watch it, and you can earn money by AdSense and sponsorship.

14: Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is one of the most suitable jobs for college students on our entire list.

Virtual Assistant is somewhat similar to a typical job in which you have to go office daily and give your service to the company, and in return for your service, you get a monthly salary.

Virtual Assistant Job
Virtual Assistant Job

You can say that Virtual Assistant is an online version of a typical job because in this job you have to provide your services to a brand or company without going in the office.

Some examples of this job are social media management, graphics designing, digital marketing, email marketing, and many more.

Companies or brand hire Virtual Assistant for those jobs that don’t need to be done by coming into their office or store.

Like local brand wants a service of social media management, but it doesn’t need to be done by coming daily to their store.

You might be thinking that why do they hire a Virtual Assistant instead of a typical employee. The simple answer is that they save their money by this.

They save money from employee tax since Virtual assistant doesn’t come under the list of their employees.

Its a case of win-win for them because they are getting service by saving a very good amount.

This job is also suitable for summer because you can do this job from anywhere you want. It could be your comfortable home or hotel.

You can easily earn 10-20$ per hour from this job, but it completely depends on the skill which you are offering and your experience.

If you are offering premium skills like Digital Marketing or Copywriting, then you will earn more as compared to ordinary skills like Data Entry.

You can find job opportunities in this field from sites like zitual, people pay per hour, va networking, and many more.

15:  Babysitter/Nanny

I think most of you know about babysitting. Still, if you don’t know, then let me tell you.

In babysitting job, you have to handle and take care of a baby. Isn’t it sweet? I think yes if you love playing with babies.

Babysitter Job
Babysitter Job

Don’t try to do this job if you feel terrible while playing with babies because you have to do the proper care of babies.

This is an ideal job for summer; You don’t have to do any boring stuff. You just have to handle babies and have to take them outside for fun.

It’s a very easy and a fortune job for you if you love babies. Wait, What if you get a naughty baby. Well, I am just kidding with you. If you love babies, then you can easily handle naughty babies.

You might be thinking that the pay in this job is going to be very less because of its ease. Then don’t worry, there are so many parents who care a lot for their babies.

Let me tell you that, According to pay scale, Babysitter make $14.56 per hour on an average. Isn’t it amazing for such an easy job?

Platforms like Care.com, Sittercity.com, and many more allow you to post service of the nanny.

You can also find this job locally, Just approach some aunties. They might hire you because you are a young college student and they know that the baby will love a young caretaker.

16: Swim Instructor

The job of Swim Instructor is among the most enjoyable job in our list and its heaven for those who love swimming.

According to me, Most of us love swimming except for some exception so yeah this job is pretty suitable for everyone.

Swim Instructor Job
Swim Instructor Job

In this job, you have to teach swimming to peoples, and you also have to ensure the security of the people, which requires some specialized training. 

This job is fully loaded with fun since you just have to spend your day in a swimming pool and looking around peoples. Isn’t it better than any boring job?

Being a college student, you can join this job in summertimes to have fun and to earn some cash.

If you want to become a swim instructor, then you have to do some courses and have to be trained in CPR.

These all courses and everything takes around 20 hours, and it will cost something around 100$.

These certificates of first aid and safety will not just help you to get your summer job; It will also put the weight on your resume.

You can earn 10$ per hour with this job, which is a pretty good income.

17:  Food Delivery Service

If you don’t like a job where you have to sit in front of a computer, then have a look at this job.

In this job you have to deliver food from restaurants to the house of a person who ordered it and in return you will get money.

Food Delivery Service
Food Delivery Service

You can contact big food chains like Pizza hut and dominos for this job.

You can also give this service to big online food delivery sites like GrubHub and Ubereats.

You can deliver food by Bike, Car, Scooter, and bicycle.

I will advise you to use a Car if you have because it’s really difficult to deliver food by bikes and bicycle at the time of summer. You might don’t like spending your summer holiday by sweating in the sun.

This job is pretty suitable for a college student since it doesn’t require any skill except the riding skill and license, but yes, it’s not flexible since you have to do it by going outside.

You can earn 10-15$ per hour on an average. It also depends on the location, the platform for which you are working, how much delivery you are doing.

The worst part is that there is a time limit in some chains and food delivery site, which doesn’t include traffic and all. If you are unable to deliver it on time, then they can find you without hearing any reason.

I will recommend you to do proper research on food delivery sites or chains before joining them. Also, check the average salary of all food delivery site because it really differs site to site and you might don’t want to join a low paying site.

18: Receptionist

We all know that in summertimes hotels are heavily crowded with tourists.

Hotels need more staffs to handle such a crowd, especially in summertimes.

Don’t you think that it’s a good opportunity for you to earn money in the summer holidays? Obviously, it is, you can take the job of receptionist in hotels.

Receptionist Job
Receptionist Job

As you are a college student, It will help you to get this job easily because hotels want a young person with a charming personality to work as their receptionist.

Some big hotels require specialized degrees of hotel management and all for this job, and if you have no, then you can approach other hotels which don’t require much stuff.

The biggest requirement of this job is a smiling face. I am not kidding; You really need a smiling face to interact nicely with guests so that you can make their experience better with hotel and every hotel wants a good user experience for a better rating.

You can also try the job of receptionist in spa, hospitals, and salons. Just try to approach local brands.

According to payscale, the average salary of the receptionist is $12.60 per hour, but it depends on the city, company and other factors.

19: Teach English Online

If you have strong English, then this job is the easiest and the best option for you.

In this job, All you have to do is to talk with students who are willing to learn English.

Nowadays, people understand the value of speaking, and they also know that it’s easy for them to learn English with fluency by speaking.

So they prefer to talk to someone who is an expert in English.

The biggest drawback of this job is that most of the sites just allow native teacher for this job. You can’t do this job if you are a nonnative and even have a strong English. It’s very bad.

I think they do this because most of the people prefer Native teacher for English over nonnative.

So if you are a native speaker, then it’s the best chance for you to earn money in summer.

You can work from anywhere you love and that too at the time when you are free. Isn’t it amazing?

If you want to do this job, then you can join online platforms like Cambly, which offers super flexibility to teachers, and it is one of the most trusted platforms for teaching English. It’s the best platform for both teachers and students.

20: Driver

Do you have a car? If yes, then you can try the job of driving for online cab booking platforms like uber and lyft.

Whenever a person books cab, you have to go to their house to pick them and then take them to their destination and in return, you will get your money.

Driver Job
Driver Job

Driving is a very good job for summer to earn money, and it doesn’t require any big efforts and specialized skills. All you have to do is driving.

There is no big requirement for this job. You just need a driving license and a car to do this job.

If you are a college student, then there is no issue for a license as almost every college student fulfills the requirement for a driving license.

In most of the states of the USA, you get a driving license at the age of 16, but it differs depending on different states and countries.

On average, an uber driver earns $8.80–$11 per hour, but it completely depends on the city in which you are living.

The income in this job is pretty good, and you can earn more by making more ride which will consume your more time but yes, if you are serious for money then it doesn’t matter at all.


I hope that this article on best summer jobs for college students will help you in finding a good job for summer.

So don’t wait much, Just go and find the best job for yourself with good research.

According to me, everyone should do deep research before starting any job in summer because it’s in your hand that you want to do an internship for the boost in a job or you just have to do the job in summer for some instant cash.

Always have a long term goal if you are doing a job, then why not use it for getting a future job. In this case, you can earn some money will experience that will help you in finding a job in the future.

I know that this is completely unfair that instead of resting, you are doing the job in summer, but as we all know that hustle gives the best result.

Don’t worry, Find a job that you can do easily, and you can also save a good amount of time for enjoying with friends on beaches.

In this way, you will get a very good boost as compared to your competitors in the job market because we all know that job has so much competition and you need something extra to beat this very high competition.

If you have any doubt then feel free to ask me in the comment section, I will try my best to help you out. Thanks a lot for reading this article.

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